2017 YEAR END INITIATIVES: 25 for 25 | 18 by 18

25 by 25

across 25 acres...

...sprawl the Misiri Slums near Limuru Town. It's in these slums that Pastor Linus ministers to families, prays with the sick, and works to provide for those in need. In these slums is where he has his church, and in these slums are where Christlike Academy is located. Christlike Academy provides daily food, education, and the hope of the gospel for over 180 children who would otherwise be unable to attend school or obtain daily meals.

As 2017 draws to a close, we are asking for 25 new partners to come alongside us at $25 per month, that's 1$ for every acre of the Misiri Slums.

$25 supports TWO students for one month. This includes at least two meals per day and all costs to fund the school and accredited instructors.

Would you help support this work in East Africa?

Our 25 for 25 goal is one step towards our year end goal of 18 BY 18.

That goal has us trusting God to provide $18000 by January 1, 2018.

In addition to providing hope and care for those who are in such need, this funding will help Feed.Teach.Hope.:

  • Perform needed renovations at Christlike Academy
  • Improve nutrition at Christlike Academy
  • Increase pay for teachers at Christlike Academy
  • Provide new uniforms for students in need
  • Purchase new and safe recreational equipment
  • Provide more funding for the Endarasha Program
  • Continue to provide food, security, and education at Christlike
  • Fund research and study for a new campus
  • Fund a sponsored trip for 2 pastors to travel to Kenya in 2018 to continue theological training
  • Fund in-country travel while in Kenya

Join us as we work towards sharing the gospel with those who haven't heard, as we provide food to those in need, and as we offer education to those who couldn't otherwise get it.