Planting Churches. Serving Communities. Declaring the Gospel.


Food, Fellowship, Discussion, Discipleship - these things work everywhere. This is what the Bible teaches. They are what you do when you are in community together; when you love one another.

God has a story written across the fabric of time. It’s the story of men, who are called by Him, going into the world and proclaiming the hope of the Gospel. This story is still being written today throughout the world.

Right now, a chapter of this story is unfolding in Kenya, where men are being sent out to plant churches and tell people about Jesus Christ. As these men go into a community, they begin to learn the stories of that community, they begin to see the needs. Each story is different, each need unique, and the Gospel compels them to respond and help. As these pastors seek to care for their communities, Feed.Teach.Hope. is working to come alongside them.

Feed. Teach. Hope. works to identify and train indigenous church planters and send them into a community with the ultimate goal of planting a gospel-centered church. Once they enter that community and begin to hear the stories and needs of the people, they work to meet those needs. In some places it will be food, in other places it will be education, but in all places it will be the hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We want to support the great work that God is doing in Kenya through international church-planting partnerships. We partner American churches with indigenous Kenyan planters and their communities, and we partner with individuals like you, who we hope will come alongside us and be part of the wonderful story that God is writing.


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We are a nonprofit organization that exists to bring hope and a bright future to impoverished people groups through Integral Mission by providing food, education, and the gospel by indigenous means and through global support.

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