MISIRI in Swahili, means, Egypt.

An hour north of Nairobi, in a small township called Limuru, sit 25 acres of slums, deemed Misiri.  An informal settlement of men, women, and children; some near starvation, some suffering from the complications of HIV, and all feeling as though their lives are a reflection of the plight of the children of Egypt who existed in slavery and bondage to their circumstances.  Nearby are hundreds of acres of tea fields, where these men and women seek work.  As they leave their homes in the Misiri slums to work, they also leave behind their children; alone, unprotected, and without the love, affection, and guidance they need and long for.

Christlike Kenya began caring for the children of Misiri by feeding them during the day as their parents left for work.  More and more children came, and the need for more adults to help, grew.  As the makeshift daycare increased in numbers, it attracted the attention of the Kenyan government, who set regulations that the school must provide education and not simply exist as a daycare.  In response, Christlike Kenya began gathering teachers for the children, putting together classrooms, and finding curriculum for the specific age groups so that they could begin providing the children with a legitimate education.  Christlike Academy was born.

Today, Christlike Academy has nearly 200 children daily that attend for classes.  Christlike Kenya has been able to rent and maintain a 10-room building on the outskirts of the Misiri slums that provides the children with classrooms for them to learn in. We have also constructed additional building on the premesis.  The Academy maintains a staff of nearly 15 teachers to instruct the children and three other women to cook and clean.  Every morning the children are greeted with breakfast and at lunch they enjoy a freshly cooked meal, while some are often sent off with dinner in the afternoons.

As the need for proper facilities and the push to meet Kenyan education regulations grows, the need for financial support also grows.  The children are in constant need of food, uniforms, and stationary, and their numbers are increasing.  Thus far the hard work of Christlike Kenya and our partnership and support have helped to provide food, education, and the gospel to the children of the Misiri slums.  However, the needs continue to grow and your support and partnership are crucial.