December 2016 | Urgent Building Need

You have always been so faithful to respond when we have an urgent need for our work in East Africa.
Thank you for always supporting and always coming through.

As the year draws to a close, we have a need approaching that we need help with.
Currently, Christlike Academy consists of ages 3-12, assigned to classes PP1-6. As the children age up, they need more room for classrooms. We have space on our current property to erect a small building with two rooms to serve as the classrooms for Grade 7 and Grade 8. We will also need to have new desks built for these classrooms.
The total cost for this project is $3000.

Would you please help us raise the funds necessary to build these classrooms for the children at Christlike Academy?

We need to have them built by January 4th when the students return to school for the new year. This will also be the time when the Kenyan Department of Education comes to inspect the school for registration.

Please help us build new classrooms for Grades 7 & 8 so that these children will have a place to continue to receive meals, an education, and the Gospel.