July 2017 | Faithfulness


I hope you know how thankful we are to those of you who pray for us, who inquire constantly about what's going on in East Africa, and who serve by giving of their time, talent, and treasure so that Jesus can be known on the other side of the world.
Your faithfulness is what makes it possible for Christlike Academy to continue on. While it has been a few quiet months for Feed.Teach.Hope. since Linus and Liz have returned home to Kenya, there have been some wonderful things happening at Christlike Academy.
Most recently, the officials from the County Education Board came to visit in order to provide Christlike with a confirmation of school inspection and registration. They found Christlike in good shape except for the need to cover the dusty areas with quarry chips in order to minimize dust. The dusty areas they speak of are the areas where the children play right now, the two additional plots that our wonderful partners helped us purchase last year.
We were able to cover those plots with quarry chips and receive the registration we needed!
Also, Christlike is currently being evaluated to have a Kenya National Exam Council at the school next year. What this means is that those students in Grade 8 will be able to take an exam which will help them continue on to High School. This is wonderful news and will mean much for the future of Christlike Academy. Please pray with us for this need!
God's faithfulness to Feed.Teach.Hope., through our partners, is bringing us to a place where we may be able to watch children from the slums attend and graduate high school!

Our God does not waver in his faithfulness to us and we are constantly in awe at his provision and guidance.


At Christlike Academy, staff are sent out periodically to check on students and their families in order to pray for them, offer guidance and counseling, and to discuss the performance of their children.

Some of these recent visits uncovered rather harsh conditions for one of our students, Violet. Linus and Liz are working with the family to end these conditions.
Violet has been a student at Christlike for some time. Because of her conditions at home, she has developed health issues.
Please pray for Violet that these issues would end and her family would repent and correct these conditions.
We know God is faithful.