September 2017 | It's About Helping


Our home state of Texas has been ravaged by flooding and destruction that areas like Houston and Port Arthur have never seen. Many of our supporters and all of our board members participated in multiple efforts to help those affected by hurricane Harvey. We made phone calls, checked on families, cleaned out destroyed homes, and prayed with and for those who had lost so many things. Just as Texas was beginning to clean up the mess, another hurricane hit Florida. Such devastation in just a short amount of time, but what we learned was that people like you were there to help.
Recently, a friend shared an article that pointed out something amazing - for many people, when FEMA finally arrived on site, homes had already been cleared and garbage stacked outside - by faith based organizations and churches.
By people like you.
You have helped.
You have eased burdens.
You have put others first and yourself last.

We are proud of you, our supporters, and thankful for each and every one of you.
Not only have you always answered the call to help a community in East Africa that God has connected you with through Feed.Teach.Hope., but you are diligent to stop what you are doing and move in to help when your home state has been so affected.

You are making a difference.

At the end of the day, we know that it will take much time for these areas of Texas to return to normal; but they will.
At the end of the day, it's about stewarding well the gifts God has given you, whether its finances to support a slum school in Africa or a hammer and crowbar to pull out ruined drywall.
At the end of the day it's about pouring yourself out for others in need.
At the end of the day, it's about being the hands and feet of Jesus Christ.
At the end of the day, It's about helping.

Thank You



Meet Hannah, 13, and Jane, 12. They joined Christlike Academy in January of this year and live in the Misiri slums with their Grandmother, Hannah.

When Grandmother Hannah met Linus, she shared their story with him. 
One day, Grandmother Hannah received a visitor from Nairobi. The guest had two small girls with them, both still infants. She informed Grandmother Hannah that they were her granddaughters and that she couldn't care for them. She said, "You can either keep them, or kill them.", then she left. Grandmother Hannah did have a son who disappeared in Nairobi over 20 years ago, but she did not know if these were her granddaughters. Still, she resolved to raise and care for them.
Hannah and Jane have been attending Christlike Academy and are being cared for with education, food, and clothing from your support of Feed.Teach.Hope. Additionally, Hannah has had problems with her ears and was able to obtain medical treatment thanks to your support.
Hannah and Jane have also now joined Sunday School classes at Linus's church and Liz has been meeting with them to share with them more about Jesus.
God is so good, and so are you - our partners.

You are making a difference.