November 2016 | Uniforms


As you know by now, we have set a year-end goal of covering one year of operating costs for Christlike Academy.
You can read about this goal and how the funds are used HERE.

Uniforms are one of the most important items that we use these funds for.
Our church planter has started Christlike Academy in the middle of a slum and the children who attend often have only one set of clothes.
When we give a child a uniform, they are receiving two new sets of clothing. We provide a daily uniform as well as an athletic uniform, they are also given new shoes.

One of the children that we met on our first trip to Christlike Academy was a child who only had one set of clothes. When they were washed, she would have to sleep with no clothes as her grandmother would wash them and dry them over a fire in order to get them back to her quickly. Her clothes had several burn holes in them from the flame.

When you support this year-end goal, you are not only helping to clothe these children for school, but also for life, as these clothes are what they will wear nearly every dayas they work, play, and study, in the Misiri slum.

Because a church planter obeyed God's call to plant a church in the MIsiri slum, then saw and met the need for a school, we now have the opportunity to help support the work that God is doing here through this planter and the chance to provide clothing for these children is just one small piece of that.