November 2016 | Food


As you know by now, we have set a year-end goal of covering one year of operating costs for Christlike Academy.
You can read about this goal and how the funds are used HERE.

Providing Food for the children at Christlike was the original reason the school began.
When Pastor Linus planted a church in the Misiri slums, he noticed the amount of children who were left behind and neglected by parents who left during the daytime. This is when he began a feeding program and daycare for the children.

As time went on, the feeding program grew into a school as Linus hired teachers and became accredited with the Ministry of Education.
Christlike Academy continues to feed the children two warm meals a day. When they arrive, they are given warm porridge for breakfast. This holds them over until lunch when they are either given rice, or a native dish called Ugali, along with cooked vegetables. On some days they are also able to have meat with their meal and some of the children who can afford it bring bread with them.
When the teachers see that a child is extremely poor and will most likely not receive dinner, a small meal is wrapped up for them to take home in the afternoon.

Food is a basic need for these children and many of them do not live in homes where there is any steady source of it. To be able to count on two meals a day is a tremendous blessing for them.  

When you give, a portion of your support is used to purchase food for Christlike Academy. Currently it costs $225 per month to feed 185 children. We are hoping to increase that amount so that they can have larger and more diverse meals and so that we can accommodate more children as they come. We need your help to do so. 

Because a church planter obeyed God's call to plant a church in the Misiri slum, these children are now able to have food to help keep them healthy and alive. It's such a simple blessing that we take for granted far too often.