November 2016 | Thanksgiving

It's almost here. That day when you can eat as much as you want without feeling guilty. At least, that's how it is in our house. For us, there are no restrictions on how much food you can enjoy on only two days out of the year: Thanksgiving and Christmas.

In our home, we believe food (along with everything else) is a gift from God and given to us to enjoy and steward well. It's because of this that the other 363 days of the year we are careful about what we eat, practice moderation, and generally just try to be healthy. But oh those glorious two days when we don't have to...

Before we let ourselves go on these two days, we spend a good amount of time thanking God for all that He's provided for us. Every single morsel of food on the table and in the stove was given by Him, not a bit of it came from us. It's for our enjoyment and it's made to remind us of how good, thoughtful, faithful, and creative He is. I mean, bacon inside the stuffing. Need I say more?

So, why do we let ourselves go on those days? Because we want to be reminded of a day that's coming. A day that scripture calls marriage supper of the Lamb. A day whenthe bridegroom is united with His bride. When those who are His will finally be with Christ. It is a moment that we look forward to in our home, because what could be better than sharing a table with your family in Christ and Jesus himself?

God intends for our time around a table to be shared with others and to be a time where we laugh, cry, tell stories, and point to Him. I'm not sure I've seen this done as well as I have when we have been invited into the homes of our family in Kenya.

Though finances are tight at every home we've been invited into, there is never a shortage of hospitality and food to be shared and enjoyed. From warm chai, ugali, sukuma, beef stew and chhatrapati, to sugar cane, bananas, and Stoney Tangawizi, we have enjoyed every moment of every meal that we've had with our Kenyan family. And every meal with them reminds me that one day we'll have a meal much like that one, except with far more food, far more people, and there will be someone there that we will all be enamored with - the perfect Lamb, Jesus Christ.

I pray this Thanksgiving you and your family enjoy the day as you never have before. 

Take time to tell stories, to remember the past. Tell jokes and laugh at each other and at times that once seemed tough. Don't hold back, get a second helping, or a third, and put one of each dessert on your plate. But before you begin, remember to each take a moment to praise God for his provision, for his faithfulness, and for his mercy, you wouldn't be able to enjoy the day without it.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and your family from all of us at Feed.Teach.Hope.