November 2017 | What Story Is It?





Whether we have noticed it or not, our lives are dominated by narratives. We are who we are and we behave as we do because of the narratives of our upbringing. Some of us may believe and buy into those narratives, and they may be positive for us, others of us may see those narratives as lies, we may run from them, and we may live our lives contrary to the stories they tell.
Not only do our past narratives shape us, so do our current ones. If we pause to look and listen to the stories we are being told, we can almost see them unfolding before us - page by page. Fictional stories like the prosperity narrative, that obtaining financial stability and material goods will make us whole. There are others, like the image narrative, that we are who we portray ourselves to be, and our likes and followers establish our identity. Finally, one we all so quickly begin to believe, the narrative that the world is broken, and we are so small we can't do a thing to change it.
Friends, the world is broken.
But praise God that he uses us as His tools to change it.
Be cautious of the fictional narratives that you believe, and be even more aware of the narrative you are telling.
If someone were to read your life, your actions, your words, as a story - what would they see?
Fear? Doubt? Envy?
Faith? Service? Sacrifice?
The true story, that sin broke the world and now all men have fallen short, that God stepped into that darkness with a light to draw all men to Him, the light and life of Jesus Christ - are you telling that story?
It's the best one...
In Kenya, Pastor Linus, his wonderful wife Liz, and the other Pastors he trains, are telling that story over and over. They are telling it to the children at Christlike Academy, to the people in the Misiri Slums, and to tribes and people groups that have never heard it before.
It's not just a story.
It's the story - the story that offers the greatest hope.

Thank you for helping us tell this story to East Africa, our prayer is that you continue to tell this same story in your life.
God Bless You



Since 2009 I have been working with and attending churches who are part of a church planting network called Acts 29.  What started as a small movement of church planters seeking to support and train other church planters in a couple of states, has now grown into an international church planting movement and an organization who seeks to take the story of the gospel to the ends of the earth and to foster a family network of men and women who are called to do that same thing.
Last year, Feed.Teach.Hope. and Hamoreh (a partner organization in East Africa) began sharing with Acts 29 about the work that Linus was doing in East Africa with Christlike Academy and with training church planters.
Over the past year we have worked with Acts 29 and with Linus to have him go through the rigorous assessment process that pastors with Acts 29 walk through.
Because of your help, Feed.Teach.Hope. was able to fly Linus and Liz to South Africa last month to have a personal meeting with representatives of Acts 29. 
Because of God's grace and providence, I am proud to report that Linus has achieved Candidate status with Acts 29. This means he will work through several activities over the next year with Acts 29 to become a Member.
Rejoice with us at God's goodness and help!