A Letter to our Partners

I wrote a personal letter to our partners, and felt led to share it with the public and those interested in joining us. I hope it helps you see what your partnership can do.


Friends and Family,

In 2014 I was invited on a trip to Kenya. I didn't know it would change my life and begin something larger than I ever could have imagined.

During that trip, while working on a school in the slums of Africa, I met a little girl named Beth. She hung around as we worked and kept us entertained with hugs, smiles, and quiet company. As we prepared to leave for the evening, she waved goodbye and walked out of the gates of the school, alone.
As a Dad, all I could see was my little girl walking down the streets of a slum area, with no one to protect her, no one to guide her, and no one being sure she made it home safely. I asked what would happen to her. "She always walks home like that.", was the answer.
That answer wasn't good enough for me. I knew something needed to be done.

At that time, Christlike Academy was a small two story building surrounded by a dirt yard, and they offered a standard Kenyan education and two meals of porridge and rice to 70 children. Children just like Beth, whose parents had either abandoned them, left them on their own, or left them with relatives.

So I created Feed.Teach.Hope.

Today, three years later, Christlike Academy sees 180 children a day. The children are provided two meals with rice and vegetables. We have added four classrooms and two playgrounds. The school is fully accredited and is a certified testing center with students who consistently score in the top percentage with their peers in Kenya. It has a fully functioning scouts and physical education program. Not only are the children being educated, but hearts are being turned towards God as children are supported, cared for, and ministered to.
Additionally, for three years we have funded the work that Linus is doing in his home church in Misiri and through training church planters across East Africa. In 2017, Linus was able to travel to the United States and receive a Masters Degree, and is now working with an international church planting network, Acts 29, for admittance, training, and networking with other pastors.

This wouldn't have been possible without God's mercy, and without a lovely little girl named Beth capturing my heart.
And it wouldn't have been possible without each of you, our partners. THANK YOU

You have brought us so far - and we still have so far to go!

We have set two 2017 year end goals:

$25 for 25
18 by 18

Learn more about our Year End Intiatives here:

We are asking for you, our partners, to share everything you can about Feed.Teach.Hope.
We will be posting news throughout the month of December that you can share. 

As you share, please do so not only on social media, but pick out a few close friends to sit down with and show our video to, to tell our story to. 

We believe YOU are our best advocates.
We could spend to create large advertising campaigns, but we know that God creates and builds beautiful relationships between our partners and those they know.
We want to be good stewards of the gospel message God has given us, and we want to help you be good stewards of it also.

So - here's what we need your help with:

  1. Identify 25 friends to share Feed.Teach.Hope. with. Share on social media, in person, through email, and in any other way you want.
  2. Point them to our website: www.feedteachhope.org/25for25-18in18, where they can sign up to partner with us. 
  3. Ask them to share with 25 people they know.

We are so thankful to be alongside you in what God is doing in East Africa.Thank You so much for your help and for your support!

- Rick Bowers