February 2017 | Trusting Jesus in Want and Plenty

Meet Esther. Esther is a member of Living Proof Church and we've visited her each time we've been in the Misiri slums of East Africa. We have always left blessed by her joy, friendliness, and hospitality. By our normal standards, Esther doesn't have much to be happy about. She's sick, she lives in a makeshift shack, she's caring for multiple grandchildren and she has no income and hardly any means for obtaining food and water. But Esther also has Jesus and He is clearly the reason for her joy. Esther could be frozen with fear, anxiety, depression - but she isn't. She instead welcomes us into her home, offers us tea, and asks us to pray with her. When trusting Jesus seems like the last thing to do - she makes it the first thing to do.
Right now, no matter your political affiliation, current issues in our country can elicit fear and anxiety. But God calls us out of that. He lifts our head and says, "Trust me".
Trusting God can be scary. It doesn't always mean things will get better, but it does mean that whatever comes, we have hope. God will keep His promises. He will make His name known and He will stand by us through it all.
When trusting Jesus seems like the last thing to do - you should make it the first thing to do.

Brenda found her way to Christlike Academy on January 16, 2017.  Her story is much like many of the other children at Christlike. Her father died when she was 8 and left behind Brenda's mother and two younger siblings. Eventually, her mother was jailed for prostitution, leaving Brenda and her siblings alone. Someone rescued her younger siblings but left Brenda behind. She was found in the bush, having not eaten for three days. Brenda is in need of clothing, food, and shelter. Our pastor is working to secure these things for her in Misiri.
The children who attend Christlike are always in need, but sometimes those who have a very great need, like Brenda, are brought to our door. Currently we have seven children attending Christlike who are in immediate need just as Brenda is. We are asking for a one-time gift of $350 to help these immediate needs.

The new classrooms that YOU helped us build are being put to good use!

On February 7, 2017, the total count of children at Christlike Academy was 265. The new classrooms we were able to add because of your generous year-end donations are now where the Pre-Primary 2 class (32 children), Grade 4 Class (20 children), and Grade 5 Class (25 children), are meeting daily. 

Thank you partners.
This could not have happened without you.