March 2017 | Glory, Serving, and the Sea

Glory is something we don't think about very much. When we do, our thoughts usually tend to drift into ideals of patriotism and love of country, probably due to the fact that we are American. But we don't usually think of glory in terms of how the world functions under the sovereign hand of a loving God. When the writers in scripture talk about glory, they have only one thing in mind; honor and praise to a holy God. That's it, short and simple.
I recently listened to a wonderful sermon that reminded me of how the world functions and why it does so. It helped me re-align my perspective towards the thing that God calls us all to: serving. We were made to serve, it's how we were designed, and we all orient our lives to serve something. It might be our children, our spouse, our job, our desires or our wants. Whatever it is, the thing we're serving is ultimate in our lives and we tend to bend and sway as we need to in order to accommodate whatever it is we are serving. Yet, when the idea of serving God crosses our minds, we reject it. The one who we should exalt in joy over serving, we usually reject. This is because serving God means putting ourselves in uncomfortable situations. He may ask us to do things we don't think we have capacity for, or challenge our comfort, or take away one of the other things we are serving. We don't like this, so we reject serving Him and continue in our slavery under some other master who is far less loving and gracious.
In the sermon I mentioned above, we're reminded of an easily overlooked scripture; Habakkuk 2:14. It reads:
"For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea."
It reminded me that it doesn't really matter what we want to serve, God will make it such that the entire world knows of His glory, it's just that simple. We can orient our lives around serving other things, things that make us comfortable, things that make us safe, things that bring us temporary happiness, but one day all of the earth, including us, will be made fully aware of the glory of the Lord.  There will not be one crevice of creation that isn't exalting Him as God. Just as the rushing sea leaves no area untouched by its waters, neither will God leave any person or thing unaffected by His glory.
Is that a moment we look forward to? I hope so. If we're thinking about His glory and our service, it should be. If we are serving Him, it will be. This should bring us great peace, for in that moment the one who brings us ultimate joy will reveal himself in all splendor, and we will be filled with the knowledge of it.

Josephine is a bright and helpful student at Christlike Academy. On our last visit, she was one of the brightest points of joy for us as we led Bible stories and prayer at the school. Josephine lives with her single mother and her brother, Victor. Because of your generous partnerships, they are able to attend Christlike Academy and also receive extra food at home to help sustain their family.
Would you join us in praying for Josephine and her family? Especially that God open her heart to Him? Currently, Pastor Linus is continually talking to her about Jesus and our hope is that she comes to know His rescuing love for her.

We are so excited for our friends and partners Neil and Sarah Sandoz as they answer Christ's call on their lives to serve Him in Kenya with a missionary organization called SIM. Neil has been a great help to Feed.Teach.Hope. by providing us with photos and videos of our work in Eastern Africa. Neil travelled with us to Kenya and God used that trip to confirm for Neil the place God was calling them to. Neil's storytelling abilities will be put to good use as he and Sarah will be working with East African missionaries and refugees. Neil will be sharing the news of God's work there and Sarah will be counseling women who have endured trauma due to situations in their home country.
Please join us in praying for them as they recently arrived in Kenya and are adapting to their new home.
Just as you support us, we hope that you'll consider supporting friends of ours who also have a heart for Eastern Africa. You can sign up to support Neil and Sarah here.