It's About a Savior

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It's About A Savior
This can be such a strange time of year. Surrounding us are types of activities, opportunities, and moments where we could have such wonderful family and life experiences. In fact, many of our favorite movies about the Christmas season have to do with family experiences - both good and bad and extremely comical. Yet is seems like even with all the opportunity around us, we're often scurrying around focused on something else.

What are you focused on right now?
What are your priorities?

While remembering a savior that left His place of glory in order to condescend to earth, live a human life, be crucified and raised, should be something we remember every moment of every day of every season; it is during this season that we remember in a special way. 
It's during this season that everything else should be put on hold.
Because nothing else should matter much. Least of all the presents, the photos, the cards, the decorations, and all the busyness that comes this season.

It's about a Savior. It's about who we are, how we are loved and pursued by a relentless God despite our mistakes.
This season is about failure, rescue, redemption, and restoration.
It's about the greatest gift ever given.

So this year, pause.
Turn off the noise. Be still.
Bring your family and friends near and spend time recounting the wonderful things that God has done. Not only those very tangible realities, but what it means for you to be rescued by Christ.
Because that's what this season is really about - it's about a Savior.